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Murmansk Winter Expedition: Day #14 and #15 – Polar circle and donuts

Murmansk Winter Expedition: Day #14 and #15 – Polar circle and donuts

The plan was simple: go south, find the Arctic Circle, go to sleep.

As usual, plans are plans, and reality is much more interesting.

We realized that by overlapping very little road, we can get to the recommended viewpoint, with a view of the White Sea.

Then we returned to the originally planned route and finally we found the Arctic Circle.

The picture above looks quite innocent, and there is a dramatic story behind it. Well, we waited with the engine turned on, so that other people willing to take a spectacular picture would finally get out of the scene. And so we waited until the engine overheated. It turned out that the freezing snow covered the fans so effectively until they refused to cooperate.


All in all, it was not surprising that our fans were too cold.

It wasn’t the end of adventures. On the way we got information from that the hotel where we are to sleep cancelled the reservation. arranged the reservation in a substitute place, which turned out to be better than the original one. Booking through this broker gives us a sense of security. We already know from experience that each potentially unpleasant situation ends with the fact that we land in an interesting place, usually with a higher standard than the cancelled one. For that we like 🙂

Next to the hotel there was a buffet for lorry drivers. Thanks to this, we had the opportunity to try various local delicacies.


Herring salad
Potato yeast
… with meat.
And another yeast with potatoes.

Going further south, we drove off the main road. Firstly, we wanted to experience a real off-road, and secondly, we wanted to fly the Mavic Pro 2 drone, which was lent to us by DJI ARS.

Below are the effects:



What is interesting, we also experienced Russian care here. You can’t stand on the way in the forest and take pictures in this way – after a few minutes there was a native in a car, asking if everything was OK and if we don’t need help.

The day ended in Olonets. As we slept there in the hostel, we also received registration papers.

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