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Murmansk Winter Expedition: Day #13 – Touch the Barents Sea

Murmansk Winter Expedition: Day #13 – Touch the Barents Sea

Our plan was very simple: check out of the apartment, leave Murmansk and finally see the Barents Sea close up.

At the beginning, we discovered that packing the car, after almost complete unpacking, does not take 10 minutes. So the plan of the day went away from the very beginning.

As we checked earlier, getting to the Barents Sea was not that easy. Everywhere there were military bases and other facilities to which there was no access. Finally, we found a nice place on the Kolski Peninsula, just east of Murmansk.

The road led through a complete wilderness, 100 km straight, of course, from time to time we saw a signpost to the ZATO Zone. As part of this trip, for the first time we refueled to stock up, considering the fact that not necessarily the petrol station will be there when the car starts reminding itself of fuel.

Finally, we arrived at our destination, Teriberka. It seems that in summer it is quite a nice tourist destination, with a nice camping site and wooden houses.

Teriberka also surprised us. Suddenly a cemetery emerged on the sea shore.

And by the road there was a regular bus stop, with graffiti made by a local equivalent of Banksy.

From small successes, we managed to stick the SaabVoyage sticker, we turned around a little bit and came back to the trail.

We had a night’s lodging in a hostel in Kandalaksha. On the spot it turned out that we were going to sleep in a flat that was somehow treated as part of the hostel. And fortunately, because finally we got the official registration. Exactly on the 7th working day after entering the territory of the Russian Federation, in accordance with migration regulations.

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