About us
About us

About us

The beginning

Actually, it all started with the red Saab 900 Aero, which Agnieszka used to drive. Anyway, we still have this car today, although we drive it less than before. It was our basic car at home, and we will never let it go – because it is a good car.

My name is Marcin and together with my best wife Agnieszka we write a blog about our travels – SaabVoyage.com.

Our way of living and spending free time is a result of our curiosity about the world and our willingness to go on trips.
Over time this has developed into a family passion. Our children Julia and Joanna, born in 2009, also participate in it.

We decided to share our hobby online, thus we started with Instagram.

Next, there was the Facebook page. Meanwhile, we started writing notes there, but it wasn’t that. One Saturday we prepared a place for ourselves to share longer texts. This is how the blog was born. On its pages, you can find out our entries from recent years. In our opinion, they are a good complement to what we do on Facebook.

About the blog

The whole thing is fun for us. By the way, it requires a lot of learning from us. We encounter various challenges, which we usually achieve. This way, something happens all the time at home. You can see the effects here.

Currently, the main idea of this blog is that there is a place where we put our notes.
We write about things that are completely practical, as well as about finances and budgeting during the journey, through the guides, ending with relationships.
We often summarize it with surprises and certainties when discussing the trip.

We read and develop knowledge all the time. So our surprises are growing. Also, the more we talk to people during our trips, the more we realize how little we still know and understand even Europe itself. By catching these moments, we want to share them – by writing them down.

We try to record the whole world around us using technological innovations. We started with the purchase of a drone. Now we don’t move from home without one anymore. It’s the same with the GoPro Camera or Insta 360. It’s a lot of fun. But we also have a lot of fun when we put together material that fits exactly in our idea.

We travel mainly by Saab cars. But for purely practical reasons, we always go eastwards with Lada Niva. Saabs, especially the classic ones, accompany us bravely on our journeys. We assume that for a car to feel good, it must drive. And we stick to that. We drive a modern car much less often (i.e. Lada is modern, but this rule does not apply to her). We love classical motoring and its history. We are obliged to visit museums of technology and automotive.

We use our passion for motorsport to establish further relationships with people like us. It allows us to get to know the history of places even better from the perspective of people who created them.

Besides, combining the love of travel with sport, we are also a rally team. We drive in tourist-navigation rallies, and since 2018 in regularity rallies. It is a very popular sport in Scandinavia and Benelux countries.

This all adds up to a logical whole which we are trying to share here as time and new ideas are available.

About Agnieszka

My name is Agnieszka Bohosiewicz-Gabrowska. I am an IT project manager. At work, I am a shepherd dog. I make sure that the sheep cut the grass evenly and in the right direction and that no bad wolves threaten them. 🙂

The joy at work gives me the feeling that my efforts contribute to a better world. That is why I work at the Big Pharma.

I like to be involved in situations where something can be improved with a few simple moves.

At home, I develop my super powers as a mother of twins. So that it didn’t occur to me to get bored, I got involved in car rallies with my husband. Finally, I can officially tell him what to do and how – that is, I am a co-driver.

About Marcin

My name is Marcin Gabrowski, I have been working at “corpo” for many years, where I feel good and have a chance to fulfil myself professionally. Currently, From IT side, I manage a portfolio of projects for Customer Service. It gives me a lot of fun. I have daily contact with the newest technologies and have an influence on their use in the telco world. In such companies, it is not important what you do, but mainly with whom. And I think that I have found great people with whom we still have a lot of interesting challenges ahead. But I’m not about that.

Since childhood, I was interested in information technology, gadgets, modern technologies, including the Internet (as it already appeared). Also, the general history of the world.

There have been travels, but a little differently. Basically, I wanted to be an astronaut, and here not much has changed over the years.

The home driver was Agnieszka. And since it’s a bit embarrassing, we got married in 2009, my daughters were born, and I successfully passed my driving test.

This is where our adventure with the car begins.