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How to dress the children well behind the polar circle

How to dress the children well behind the polar circle

During the preparations for the trip, we were facing the question of how to dress the children.

Warm and comfortable

On the one hand – warm, on the other hand comfortable. It was obvious that they would play in the snow.  We also had to take into account that we would not have the conditions to dry soaked clothes.


The chosen solution was Reima coveralls and gloves. They did not limit movements in any way and provided thermal comfort and waterproofness. I, thanks to the fact that the material breathed, the girls did not heat up once (which immediately leads to chilling). The suits are equipped with a very practical little thing – a rubber that secures the legs so that they do not tuck up and do not get into the snow. As you know, during the trip we spent a lot of time in the car. The girls in the car seats did not sit in overalls, dressing before going outside was very smooth, locking the zips, fastening under the neck did not require the support of the parents.

In addition, the girls were equipped with warm Reima hats, which adhered very well to the head and protected from frost. From polar curiosities: in the cold, materials behave in a way that we did not anticipate. A plastic sailing bag that served as a handy hiding place for things got very stiff, and we were afraid that we would break. Our (adult) Goretex jackets rustled as if they were made of very thin foil. And on the overalls, this temperature did not make an impression. Hesitating or interested in clothing with Reima we answer: it’s worth it!

Let’s watch!

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