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Sweden – the beginning. 3 plans

Sweden – the beginning. 3 plans

Why did we go to Sweden?

The year 2020 has definitely taught us how to plan, revise plans and adapt efficiently. We started a finger trip on the map to Kazakhstan, turned back to Monte Carlo and reached Kiruna behind the polar wheel. All the time, we had to have the time available and the budget initially planned. One thing was certain: this year we will also spend the end of the year on a trip.

Plan No. 1

In January, we came back from behind the Ural Mountains with an idea for the next trip. Being close to Kazakhstan, we decided that it was possible and even within our reach. In February, we started planning, looking for inspiration, watching movies and photos from this region.

We have drawn up a plan day by day.


COVID-19 has arrived and Kazakhstan has closed its borders and our perspective on travelling.

The Eastern European countries have decided to close their borders permanently until November-December. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising. Large, medium-managed territories, sometimes post-Soviet health care systems, strong local authorities. Consequently, we have turned our eyes to the west with hope.

Plan No. 2

The idea hanging in the air all the time was to follow the route of the Monte Carlo Historic Rally (RMCH), which takes place in winter, on the border of France and Monaco.

By the way, we could explore a bit of France and Germany.

The Monte Carlo Historic Rally, held every year in early February, has its own rules. An extended version of the official road book is created, enriched with tips and notes, created by a Danish team (Viggo&Arne). Guys are nice gentlemen and thanks to a simple agreement, we had the opportunity to put the detailed route into our trip.

In other words, we have developed a typical travel plan, we have booked accommodation (with special attention to the possibility of cancellation). Following the latest trends and common sense, we have planned a sightseeing tour “away from people but still interesting”.

Monte Carlo

We have been vigilant about the COVID-19 situation in Europe. We have set a cut-off date – when we will have to give up if the situation would become worse. At the turn of the third and fourth quarter, we began to prepare another travel plan, observing our surroundings. We already have some expeditions designed on the map. Several concepts, several sketches, several ready to use. Following the struggles of Europe, we faced a dilemma: whether to go or stay, whether we will be able to go somewhere at all or whether we will have to stay at home.

There are countries where nature itself brings excitement (Kazakhstan and even Russia), but they are closed. There are also countries where there are many attractions, but with a very high human density (France, for example).

Plan No. 3

One of the few countries with a consistent approach to the virus, with large spaces and high respect for the recommendations, as usual, was Sweden.

The Swedes follow the rules by nature and do not impose themselves with personal contact.

In our previous trips, we have been familiar with the famous Swedish hospitality, expressed for example by a text message with a code for the handle, a key in an envelope in a letterbox or simply by an open the door to the house. This makes it very easy for us to check in on our own and gives us great independence.

We planned the trip, drew up a daily plan after the day and made reservations for accommodation. For the third time. 🙂

Ostateczny plan w wersji szwedzkiej.

We have used working plans for future trips. In this case, the part of the trip around the Baltic Sea that included the passage through the Swedish Solar System.

Germany and France are no longer predictable in terms of restrictions. And then our accommodations were cancelled.

We had to wait for Black Friday to buy the ferry tickets, which eventually sealed the trip.

The plus is that we have two trips planned for the future.

Photo 360 degrees. You can look around.

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