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#everyday: What you need to check when you pick up the car from the painter’s workshop? [Check List]

#everyday: What you need to check when you pick up the car from the painter’s workshop? [Check List]

Before you pick up the car from the painter’s workshop, you need to be sure that it is in better condition than before. Here you will find some good advises.

Let’s see…

  1. The car must be:
    1. well washed – if it is not – do not pick it up.;
    2. wet – if it is not – let them wipe out – otherwise do not pick it up;
    3. well lighted – there are no conditions, because you have parked outside? Drive into the workshop.
  2. Don’t just look closely at the element. Stand at such a distance that you can fully see the whole car. It is then easy to see if the colour has been well-matched to the car’s current paint and if the elements do not differ in shade. Professional painters use the so-called “shading” to avoid colour differences between adjacent elements.
  3. See if there are no streaks, looking like a dripping paint.
  4. Look at whether there are no dust particles that stick to the lacquer.
  5. Examine with your fingers whether you can feel the roughness under your fingers. The surface should be smooth.
  6. Check if:
    1. it is not upholstered;
    2. it is not scratched;
    3. it is not sprayed;
    4. it is not dirty inside:
      1. thresholds;
      2. seat leather (front/rear);
      3. plastic and door leather (all);
      4. steering wheel leather;
      5. all plastics inside;
      6. windows.
  7. Check that:
    1. the headlights are whole and not broken – front and rear;
    2. the windscreen is unharmed;
    3. the door does not squeak – opening, handles, plaques, when pushed;
    4. the handles of the battens and that the side is in place;
    5. the door (front and rear) if:
      1. close well;
      2. are well-fitted to the body. It should be perfect;
      3. have a well-functioning opening of all glass panes;
      4. have well functioning locks;
      5. have no scratches on the gaskets .

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