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Will a car trip to Russian Asia in winter be cheaper than holidays in Egypt?

Will a car trip to Russian Asia in winter be cheaper than holidays in Egypt?

Egypt in 4k

We’ve been wondering what it would be like to drop everything and go… …in the Bieszczady Mountains or on a sunbed in places warm and sunny. And that’s how we started collecting data in one place. The trip itself can be determined by an appropriate amount, using ready-made products on the tourist market. A short analysis is included later in the text.


A good quality trip to Egypt during Christmas break is, according to us:

  • 3 weeks
  • the whole family – in our case, it’s two adults and two children, under 12 years old
  • all-inclusive
  • gala dinner on Christmas Eve
  • city New Year’s Eve event at least
  • good and reliable medical protection for the four of us
  • optional tours
  • guided tours around
  • guiding care
  • constant internet access

According to a popular portal, e.g. Travel Planet, such a trip costs from 12 to 36 thousand PLN – in 2019. You can probably find a cheaper option or a less popular resort. However, this is not what it is all about.

However it adds, with 4 people at home, it will come out at an average of 4k per head – such a loss in the bank account we can expect when we return.


We took the same assumptions, plan and general approach as we did when we went to the Russian Murmansk beyond the Polar Circle.
We think that’s quite a good approach.

The plan and the assumptions, as well as the effect with which we achieved this, we have summarized in an article “Murmansk: Everything You Need to Know About Winter Trip Cost by Car”

Here all the most interesting articles about the course of our trip are collected. With all the adventures from our first expedition into Russia.

List of planned costs for 4 people

The table below shows the planned budget for the trip to the Urals. An important contribution to this plan is the experience we gained during last year’s trip to Murmansk, north of Russia. However, the basis of Murmansk’s trip was definitely the expedition to the Norwegian Nordkapp in December 2017. In short, the whole thing is logical.

Category Amount [PLN]
TOTAL 8830


We’ll also keep an eye on the budget during this trip. We have also prepared an interesting plan for these 3 weeks. We will also test a lot of new solutions and methods.
The trip itself seems to be much more difficult than the others so far.
There are a lot of fears and such tiny stresses in us. But it is normal 🙂

We will certainly prepare and share a summary of the plan and implementation.

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