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Tips for trips: How to survive in Serbia

Tips for trips: How to survive in Serbia

14 important remarks

  1. PB98 outside large cities already have to find petrol.
  2. Power outlets are the same as in the EU – no adapters.
  3. Parking places are very tight. Paid ones also.
  4. Parts of parking places are paid using only by local mobile application.
  5. You can freely fly the drone in general terms. (I always recommend checking the law – constantly changing)
  6. Serbia is outside the EU: We must have to take extra documents. In the case of leasing or company cars, a notarial confirmation of the permission to drive the car is required.
  7. The roads are in good condition, even the side ones.
  8. At the gates of The Belgrade Beltway/Ring you could got stuck in a traffic jam.
  9. It is worth having photos of food that you want to eat if there is a problem with the tilting.
  10. Service in pubs rarely speaks English.
  11. The payment by a credit/debit card is not so popular.
  12. There are ATM that support popular payments cards provider.
  13. Postage stamps are bought only at the post office. Check working hours.
  14. There are no Starbucks.

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