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Murmansk Winter Expedition: Eat Russia

Murmansk Winter Expedition: Eat Russia

An important part of our trips is local food. Not only is it available in restaurants and bars, but also goodies that are simply available in shops.

Below is a gallery of our tastes.

The hit of the trip: cheese bars. Vanilla, coconut, with different fillings and toppings.

Gift for cats: dried fish and seafood

First aid kit:

Bar dishes:

Yeast with potatoes
Meat donut
The queen of Russian soups – soljanka

A bit of restaurant luxury: Barents-sea-food eaten in Murmansk:

Deer tongue salad, fish soup, crab leg
Crab leg in its full glory
Shrimps and prawns with butter and garlic, with local bakery products
Shrimps and squids in butter, accompanied by local bakery products

Luxury from the supermarket:

Different versions of caviar and algae salad

Bon appetit!

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