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Murmansk Winter Expedition: Day #8 – Rabocheostrovsk

Murmansk Winter Expedition: Day #8 – Rabocheostrovsk

Daily distance: 548 km
Distance from home: 2547 km

We spent the night in a cosy wooden house, without a kitchen, but there was a real Russian banya (sauna). We could warm ourselves up in the right way for the local people. Our hostess was a very nice, talkative history teacher, who wasn’t bothered by the fact that we don’t know Russian 🙂

Widok z okna
View from the window

In the morning we set off to the port from which ships sail to the Solovetsky Islands during the season.

Gdzieś tam są Sołowki
Somewhere there

For those who like camps and old monasteries we recommend to return there in summer.
It is worth to go there because of the view, the village with wooden cottages and chapels.

In a tiny local shop (you can buy a jacket, washing powder, pitchforks and 10 dkg bacon) served by a nice lady. We asked about card payment – it’s possible. In our reality we would be treated like aliens. We took fresh cottage cheese yeast and shyly asked for cut bread that we could not see on the shelf. She said that it was, she grabbed a knife and cut bread into slices for us.

We are impressed by the positive attitude of people and their willingness to help. A nice woman with bread, the hostess’s husband, who came out in front of us with a torch (the house was not on the navigation, which also claimed that we were driving on the sea).

In harsh conditions, people simply have to be good to each other.

And the filling of yeast cakes with cheese was… potato.

Drożdżówka z ziemniakami
Yoast cake with potatoes

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