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Abandoned school – a palace in Wola Boglewska

Abandoned school – a palace in Wola Boglewska

We go around Warsaw in search of interesting places. And without people.

Not far from Grójec we reached Wola Boglewska, prompted by the information that there is a palace there from the beginning of the 20th century.

Palace from the front

After World War II there was a primary school there. The school moved out around 2010, but the palace is still there and deteriorating.

Pałac od tyłu

Here you will find an interesting article (in Polish) describing the history of the palace, you will also see photos from 2018. You can see how quickly the biodegradation process (proteinous creatures come and destroy) of the building takes place.

We entered the property like everyone else (evidenced by the trodden path), through a hole in the fence near the bus stop.

In the building there are still remains of the school, boards for school newspapers, some cupboards, library cards. You can also see evidence of the presence of scrapers, traces of ripped radiators. You can still see how beautiful this place was. Note the lintels, the stucco on the ceiling, the columns, the marble staircase.

Note the marble staircase and the decoration of the columns. And the variety of colours on the wall :>

The exterior shows a lot of detail and decoration.

The palace is surrounded by a neglected park. Here you can find what used to be ladders and soccer goals. The swings that were in the photos in the article are no longer there.

Palace and surroundings

A neighbouring graduate is willing to show you around, tell you stories, show you what and how. He will show you how to climb the turret and which way leads to the cellar. He only asks not to steal or destroy anything.

A very interesting place, dark, atmospheric. It is a pity that it is falling into ruin.

Although, if it were to turn into a hygienic, renovated building like the neighbouring palace in Boglewice, it would probably lose its charm.

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