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Murmansk Winter Expedition: Day #3

Murmansk Winter Expedition: Day #3

Daily distance: 298 km
Distance from home: 995 km

First, we visited Daugavpils – a city with an interesting Russian fortress.

The most important event of the day was crossing the Russian border. The information we have collected about this exciting moment can be read here.

In fact, it turned out that ….

  • On the Latvian side it goes smoothly.
  • ”130 cars per day” means that the queue progress so slooooow. Passing the border took us 4 hours.
  • There is a separate queue for Russian where everything goes faster.
  • We’re not Russians 🙂
  • No matter what we have prepared duty forms in advance. No, we had to write them once again at the site.
  • Nobody speaks English. I mean: nobody.
  • We love Schengen 🙂
  • For the first time in our lives, we were sniffed by a trained dog. He did not find polish sausage.
Latvian side. Daylight. We still hope it will go fast and easy.
4 hours later.

At the end of the day we got to Pskov and we are going to sleep here.

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